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Bekol Lowers the Volume

tartufe [1]On the 29th of September, in the framework of the Gesher Theater production ?Tartufe?, Bekol held a special activity to raise awareness about the organization?s activities.

During the second act of the play, the actors stopped speaking out loud and continued to act all the while moving their lips as if they were speaking.? Needless to say, the audience could not quite understand what had happened.? As they began to react, a member of Bekol stood up on stage with a sign that said: ?Having a hard time hearing?? Bekol, the Organization for the Hard of Hearing is here for you.

The activity was filmed and is posted on YouTube ? click on the picture to see the video.

The activity was initiated and produced by the Baumann-Bar- Rivnay advertising agency which is providing assistance to Bekol.