Despite 62 years of innumerable accomplishments and accolades, Israel has lived in the shadow of existential threat since the creation of the state, and suffers from one of the largest socio-economic gaps in the developed world.Virtually everyones well being and resilience is compromised in some way or other. Evidence of this may be seen in the ever-growing aggression and violence in Israeli society: in its schools and sports arenas, at work and at home. The need for effective tools to reduce stress at home, at work and in public forums is clear.

Research has well established that prolonged stress is a major cause of physical and psychological disease and can significantly contribute to the development of:

Heart disease Angina Diabetes

Immune system dysfunction Digestive problems

Arthritis Anxiety Depression

The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills was established to help the Israeli population better cope with these pressures and foster their overall resilience by teaching and disseminating an easy to learn, scientifically supported psycho-educational group model for stress reduction. The method provides participants with the theoretical and practical tools to better care for themselves, their families and their clients.

Stress can be counteracted and reducing stress can help each of us, and thus our society to be healthier, happier and more productive.