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HUG Staff Participates in Spiritual Care Seminars

[1]HUG (Nancy Caroline [2]H [2]ospice [2]U [2]pper [2]G [2]alilee) [2]made a decision to try to improve its understanding and provision of spiritual support.? Starting last September HUG has been providing its staff with once a month seminars with Rahel Ettun, an Israeli leader in the field. ?These seminars have provided an outlet for team members to share their emotional burden.? One example was a presentation by a nurse who found herself in the midst of a family tug of war where half the family members demanded and expected an aggressive approach to keeping their terminally ill and dying parent alive while the other half demanded and expected a ‘comfort only’ approach with her being expected to make the decision for the family. Discussing the problem in a supportive group setting allowed her to collect her thoughts and feelings and develop a suitable course of action.