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Mavoi Satum Recognizes its Volunteers

This Rosh Hashana,  Mavoi Satum [1] devoted  ”Kol Masa [2]” ( a newsletter written for and by ‘Mesoravot Get’)  to the unique and special relationship formed between a ‘Mesorevet Get’  and her ‘Melava’  ( volunteer companion) .  In the newsletter [2], you will read what motivated women to volunteer as a ‘Melava’ as well as what ‘Mesoravot Get’  feel about the relationship with their ‘Melava’ and what it means to them.

Loneliness is a very difficult feeling. Even when a woman has a supporting family and friends, a ‘Mesorevet Get’ may still feel lonely and alone. As Mazal, a ‘Mesorevet Get’ for four years, movingly writes in her poem “in the end, the struggle is the woman’s only”.

Notwithstanding this feeling,  a Melava, who understands the woman’s situation and supports her throughout  the process until she receives a ‘get’,  can ease this sense of “I’m fighting alone’.

The Melava program is integral to the service Mavoi Satum provides. Her role is to accompany the ‘Mesorevet Get ‘  to the rabbinical court and to the civil court, as well as to offer a ‘listening ear’ at all times.  It is important to note that the relationship is not one-way. As you will read, it is as meaningful a relationship for the ‘Melava’ as it is for the ‘Mesorevet Get’.