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Pamela Deutsch Marketing Consulting Ltd.

Pamela Deutsch is an independent marketing consultant who specializes in advising non-profit organizations.

She has served as Director of Development for the Israel Association of Community Centers, Director of Development for the Hartman Institute and as Director of Donor Affairs for the Jewish Agency.


Through Shatil, the Pradler Program, Kimron and more recently Beyond Foundations and JCU, Pamela consults for and mentors a variety of non-profit organizations. She specializes in program conceptualization, organizational development and promotion, the development of strategic fundraising plans for both ongoing organizational needs and capital campaigns, budget analysis, and the creation of marketing materials.


In addition, Pamela has broad experience performing due diligence on non-profit organizations and can provide potential donors with information regarding the effectiveness of their contributions and how to build evaluation into projects that they choose to fund so that the effectiveness of their contributions can be measured.


Here’s What I Provide

Nonprofit Services

Organizational Development

from Conception to Execution

Donor Services

Ensuring your

contributions are meaningful


Guide for Nonprofits

So how many nonprofits are there in Israel exactly and how are they regulated in any way?

Certification of Proper Management Manual Now in English

Not the most updated but definitely will point you in the right direction!

Israel’s “10 Golden Rules for Donors” is a Secret “How-To” Guide for Charities

An article published by Shuey Fogel still relevant today...

or email directly


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את הבהירות הזו היא מביאה גם היום לארגונים אותם היא מלווה.

Cynthia Schachter, Director of Resource Development , The Masorti Movement in Israel

I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Pamela for quite a long time. I know that when I need professional, timely and responsible work-I’m in the best hands. Actually, she is the first person that I turn to for matters regarding grant writing, foundations, strategic plans and overall advice in the field of resource development.

,ד"ר אילנה טישלר,

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מסירותה של פמלה בעבודתה, לצד דייקנות, מקצוענות, עמידה בלוחות זמנים ויחסי עבודה מעולים, מאפשרים לנו להעביר לטיפולה פרוייקטים שונים, בידיעה שמרגע פתיחתם ועד סיומם היא תנהל אותם ביד רמה.


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