• green-course2More than 1,000 residents of the Dan region (Tel Aviv metropolitan area), filled Meir Park in Tel Aviv, on Friday May 15. The huge street party, initiated by Green Course activists, was designed to signal to Tel Aviv Mayor, Ron Huldai and Minister of Transportation, Yisrael Katz, that there is a significant need to immediately and drastically change the transportation policy in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The party was held despite the difficulties posed by the Tel Aviv municipality.

    The current transportation policy favors private cars over public transportation. MK Pines Paz, who attended the event, noted that the public expects that the Mayor and Minister of Transportation will advance efficient public transportation. MK Dov Henin, who also attended, remarked that it not possible that Tel Aviv will wait another 30 years for appropriate public transportation. ?The time has come that Tel Aviv align itself with the transportation ideas that have proven themselves in similar cities in the world,? say Henin.

    Yael Sril Mohliver, Green Course campaigner for public transport, ?The large number of people who turned out today highlights that the public expects appropriate public transportation. The 9% raise in public transportation costs, as part of the national budget, proves that the decision makers are disconnected from the public and forget that public transportation is a basic right??

    Green Course is demanding:
    * Planning and budgeting priority be given to public transportation at the cost of reducing the infrastructure for private vehicles.
    * Immediate and significant improvement in public transportation in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area
    * Implementation of the bus line reorganization plan for the Tel Aviv metropolitan area
    * Creation of a metropolitan authority for transportation in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area
    * Planning and enforcement of public transportation lanes
    * Establishment of bike lanes which are contiguous
    * Freezing of plans for additional parking lots and interchanges in Tel Aviv


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