• Guest writer: Shari Eshet

    A kibbutnik at heart, Dina Hevlin-Dahan found herself immersed in the world of high-tech at a very young age. ?After leaving Kibbutz Hagoshrim and studying economics and business administration at Tel Aviv University, Dina was appointed economics team manager for BDI, the largest business information group in Israel. She quickly rose to top executive levels there, including the directorship of its economic department. From there, Dina took on more and more consulting positions and ultimately was named business development manager of start-up companies for a business-technological incubator in the north of Israel.

    As has happened to many young talents who catapulted into the world of finance, high-tech and business, Dina found herself wanting to use her talents in a different way. Something was missing. The emphasis on business and financial success was not enough and she began to search for ways to fulfill her need to give back.

    Her search led her to the Haifa Women?s Crisis Shelter. ?In 2004 Dina joined the team as the development director and in 2013 became its executive director. After 14 years at the Shelter, Dina is still challenged by the dreariness of the world battered women and their children live in and at the same time, are still inspired by the hope that the shelter provides for them. In her own words: ?It is an honor for me to provide these women ?with the tools they need to begin a new life and to help them lift themselves out of the deep black hole they are in now?.


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