• The edict published by municipal rabbis forbidding the rental of apartments to Israeli Arabs has led to intensive public discussion both in the media and in many other public forums.? On the one hand surveys conducted in response to the edict indicate that there is broad based support for the contents of the edict among the public, while on the other hand state leaders, including the prime minister strongly condemn the edict, claiming that it invokes anti-semetic attacks and endangers Jews worldwide.? Even more interestingly is the opposition raised to the edict from another direction ? halacha!? Well known and respected Rabbis, foremost among them Rabbi Yosef Eliyashiv, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Rabbi Aharon Lichestein, and Rabbi Ya?akov Ariel have firmly expressed their opposition to the position of the municipal rabbis.

    The resulting discussions involve complex Jewish and democratic values.? In order to aide these discussions Yesodot has developed materials aimed at high school students to help them understand:

    What is the discussion about?

    What are the Rabbis talking about?

    Is this racism?

    Is there a conflict here between Judaism and democracy?

    The materials developed to be used in the classroom are designed to help students understand the issues at stake and assist them in forming their own opinions.

    From our internet statistics we know that over 200 educators opened all of the materials in a fashion that indicates their intention to use them.? This hit level (over 200 out of 750 subscribers) is considered very high in terms of internet usage.

    Please follow the links to the Yesodot website to see examples taken from the educational kit.

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