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BeKol Takes Advantage of Civil Preparedness Drill to Raise Awareness about Hearing Loss

On Tuesday, June 2, 2009 the Home Front Command conducted a national preparedness exercise and encouraged all civilians to head for secure rooms or areas. As the siren sounded at 11 AM, Bekol volunteers, standing outside the Tel Aviv train station held up signs announcing the siren. On the other side of the signs the message was: ?Having trouble hearing the siren? You might have hearing loss. We can help.?

According to Ido Granot, CEO of Bekol, about 10% of the population suffers from hearing loss. Only a small percentage of that number actually purchase hearing aids, and even a smaller number actually use them. The reasons are multifold; some people are unaware of their hearing loss, others are embarrassed and many feel that there is a lack of tolerance among the hearing public.

The goal of Tuesday?s activity, organized with the assistance of the Baumann-Bar- Rivnay advertising agency, was to raise awareness regarding the use of hearing aides and confer that they are an acceptable and even fashionable accessory, just like glasses.