• by Pamela Deutsch

    ?I want to be able to give back to the community the way my parents do.?

    Ben is no stranger to starting new ventures.? In fact, if you look at his Linked In profile Ben bills himself as someone who ?helps to create new companies, business ventures and transactions that are “win-win” and generate value.?

    But I think that what makes Ben even more proud are the projects that he has started that help others, such as Tees at Risk which markets t-shirts featuring innovative and thought-provoking designs by current and former teens at risk and Ten Partners.

    Ten Partners is an innovative, community-driven, sustainable non-profit partnership that creates new and unique programs to enrich local Jewish life and community.

    A TEN partnership is a local, non-profit venture managed and funded by ten members of a Jewish community who create, run or co-sponsor great programs for their local Jewish community. The goal is to make Jewish community service more grass-roots, ?by the people for the people?, collaborative and accessible to a new generation of young lay leaders. TEN partnership?s programs should be financially sustainable by somehow returning their cost to the local TEN partnership, so that the partnership continues to operate and run programs without needing further funding after inception.

    Since Ten Partners launched a few weeks ago, partnerships already are forming in six communities.? Ben is now in the process of creating the infrastructure needed to support the initiative, including raising the funds necessary to create the procedures and materials which will guide the partnerships around the world.

    Ben was recently named one of the two winners of the 2011 Jewish Futures Competition, sponsored by the Jewish Education Project and JESNA’s Lippman Kanfer Institute.? As part of the competition,?his winning video?was shown at the Jewish Futures Conference held at the GA in Denver last month and his remarks at the GA were published by eJewish Philanthropy.

    Raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Ben comes from a family where giving back to the community has always been important.? Both of his parents have been very involved in Jewish education, both locally and nationally.? Ben attended Yeshiva University and Columbia Law School. Upon completion of his law degree, Ben clerked for Justice Yitzchak Zamir on the Israel Supreme Court, but decided he was headed for a business rather that a law career.

    After making aliyah in 1998 Ben worked briefly as a corporate lawyer before starting a number of software companies. He was then an executive at IDT Corp., mainly managing international business development and corporate acquisition projects, and then in 2006 formed his own private equity and venture management firm, Portofino Equity Advisors, which he runs today.

    Ben and his wife Shafrira live in Jerusalem with their seven children.


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