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Between Economy and Community: Reciprocal Relations

[1]On May 25, 2010,Arous Elbahr, Supportive Community [2] and the Yoseftal Institute are holding a conference focusing on reciprocal relations between businesses and the community.

These three organizations are working together for the sake of the encouraging business and community female leadership.

In the last two years, due to the global economic recession, many non-profit organizations have added profit making and business achievements to their agenda and have created collaborations with business organizations. Alongside those collaborations, we have also seen?business organizations adding social, political and?ecological issues to their agenda.

Together, businesses and non-profit organizations are opening ?coffee shops? with the goal of coexistence and?mutual learning which comes from an equal place. These??coffee shops? provide ? income to families ? allow business organizations to incorporate workers with disabilities ? empower womens’ micro-businesses coming from different ethnicities and colors and creates cooperation which indicates a financial need and provides solutions to multicultural communities.

These instances demonstrate that economics motivates social change and connects between men and women coming from diverse background.

Speakers at the conference include:

Safa Younes, Founder and CEO of Arus al-Bahar

sviva_invitation [3]Prof. Benny Gidron, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Alisa Gutsman, Social investments Advisor

Panel participants include:

Esti Doron, National Supervisor of Community Work Service, Ministry of Social Affairs

Efrat Bekler-Kahana, CEO of Yoseftan Institute

Hagit Rubinstein, Manager of Micro-Businesses Area, Koret Foundation

Lena Gurary, Founder and CEO of Supportive Community

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