• Bizchut was recently contacted by Mr. Gideon Peles, the joint director of Moving Out, an organization in the Galilee and Golan regions that helps people with disabilities and their families enjoy an independent life. Moving Out is run by Access Israel, with the assistance of JDC-Israel?s initiative Masad Disabilities. Moving Out asked us to help develop a course to train people to work as guardians with people with disabilities. The objective of the course is to provide people working as guardians with information and tools in both the legal and ethical spheres relating to their obligations as guardians and the need to maximize their wards? rights. Bizchut was happy to accept this challenge, and helped develop a course based on four full-day sessions. We also provided several lectures as part of the course, introducing the participants to basic concepts relating to guardianship and the process of appointment of guardians. We discussed the effectiveness of guardians in protecting people with disabilities, the ethical problems this mechanism raises, and ways to implement alternative approaches. Moving Out and Bizchut see this course as a prototype, and hope to develop similar courses around Israel in order to provide those serving as guardians with a better understanding of their function.

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