• Deal with Cisco allows MT to provide professional certificates to course participants

    cisco logoMachshava Tova is proud to announce a partnership with Cisco,?a leading international supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet. This partnership will significantly raise the academic and professional level of a number of computer courses.

    The partnership provides:

    ? Participants in Cisco certified courses will receive an international certificate of graduation from Cisco.

    ? Some participants, upon graduating from courses, can join courses to become a Cisco certified teacher.

    ? A recognized, high academic level in courses related to data security and becoming a computer technician.

    By joining with Cisco, Machshava Tova will be able to

    ? offer Cisco courses at an extremely reduced rate, in comparison to other technical schools and universities

    ? provide employment opportunities as there is great demand for Cisco certified workers and this will benefit the underprivileged populations Machshava Tova services

    ? apply for government grants for various employment courses- attaching Cisco’s name to the application gives added credibility to the course’s goals and outcomes

    Machshava Tova is grateful to Cisco for this opportunity and looks forward to helping the unemployed find gainful employment- using their Cisco certificate.


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