• ttt2Leading businesses in Israel have internalized that in this day and age everyone has to be environmentally responsible. Employees traveling to work in their private vehicles are a major cause in Israel for the crowded roads. Millions of work hours are lost in traffic jams, car accidents, as a result of air pollution, etc. Employer policies that lead to a reduction in private car use, contribute in a beneficial manner to the environment, to worker safety, to financial savings and more.
    The Sustainable Transport for Business Contest invites businesses and their employees to present implementable transportation programs. The critical element in these programs is the reduction in the use of private vehicles and an increase in the options for commuting; encouraging employees to use public transportation, walking, bicycle riding, car pooling, etc.
    Any business, both those for profit and nonprofits are invited to submit proposals to the contest. Judges for the contest include transportation professionals, business persons and public representatives who will choose the winner in each of 4 different categories. Registration must be completed by August 15, 2009. For more information about the contest regulations and a copy of the planning manual check out the contest website.


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