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For many years, the city of Sderot lacked services and support networks for its disadvantaged residents. Gvanim, established in 1994 by members of urban kibbutz ?Migvan,? was founded to provide solutions for these populations.

At Gvanim, we believe in empowering individuals and communities to discover and develop their full potential. Over time Gvanim has become a multi-faceted support organization for the disadvantaged populations of Sderot, the Northern Negev region and all of Israel. Our guiding principle is to develop realistic models for change and implement them in partnership with the communities we support.

Today, Gvanim operates programs in the following areas: early childhood education, children and families at risk, youth at risk, the disabled, young adults, new immigrants and volunteerism.

Gvanim is unique in that is has one central administration which provides logistical and financial support, as well as professional expertise for all of the activities in the different fields. Today Gvanim directly impacts the lives of more than 2,500 people countrywide.