Almost a third of all Israelis live beneath the poverty line with more than two million individuals having limited or no computer access. Unable to access computers and acquire basic computer skills, many of these Israelis will remain impoverished, unable to compete with technologically savvy populations possessing home computers and computer skills.

Machshava Tova?is a non-profit organization that aims to minimize societal gaps in Israel by means of technology.

Our computer centers grant the underprivileged access to computers in a supportive setting; our courses provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to function in a rapidly evolving technological environment.

Machshava Tova also operates Mobile Computer Center Units (MCU) reaching populations unable to physically access the computer centers.

Machshava Tova?empowers underprivileged populations, allowing them to finally take charge of their lives while enabling them to break through the physical and mental barriers that prevent them from social and economic advancement.

Machshava Tova?seeks to expand the scope of its activities and continue transforming the lives of underprivileged populations across Israel.