Every day, Israelis living in the economic and geographic periphery- immigrants, minorities, women and the homeless- face a myriad of problems. ?Often, the bureaucratic process is daunting; for a holocaust survivor seeking benefits from the National Insurance Institute or for a newly discharged soldier facing unexpected debt incurred while in the army.? Women — particularly those looking to rejoin the workforce after raising a family, face unexpected issues; discrimination in addition to the need for new training.? Moreover, the lack of affordable housing in Israel is a national issue that effects not only the unemployed and needy, but the working poor as well due to insufficient affordable housing. In fact, over 2,500 hard working families unable to meet their mortgage payments lose their home to bank foreclosures each year.

YEDID empowers Israelis to become self-sufficient and civically engaged members of society by promoting social and economic justice. YEDID is perfectly positioned for maximum impact on both the grassroots and national levels. By working through its 16 centers- from Hatzor in the north to Rahat in the south, staffed by a dedicated team of top professionals and expertly trained volunteers, YEDID?s unique model helps people help themselves by providing social, economic and legal assistance.? YEDID works to educate students and adults so that they can have more control over their lives and be empowered to create change .On a national level, YEDID partners with policy makers to influence and enact legislation to assist its clients overcome their difficulties and break through the bonds of poverty.

YEDID has earned a reputation as the place to go when something needs to be done. YEDID prides itself on its resourcefulness; finding practical solutions to pressing problems. Moreover, YEDID empowers its clients to understand and use the law to their benefit and most importantly, to succeed.