Shomera For A Better Environment (otherwise known as Shomera) was founded in Jerusalem, with the goal of building a pro-active, healthy, sustainable society and environment. Eleven years of innovative environmental-social programming, have solidified Shomera?s reputation as an Israeli NGO with an ?entrepreneurial spirit?. The organization, while relatively small in size, is large in impact. Our vision and pioneering programs, have set trends and led by example.

A Synergetic Approach: Direct Action and Education

Founded in 1998 as a grassroots effort with the goal of preserving the Jerusalem Forest – the primary ?green lung? and natural retreat of Jerusalemites – Shomera has evolved into a comprehensive environmental organization with a synergetic approach of combining action and implementation with educational and community work.

Broad Outreach

New populations have been brought into the environmental fold as Shomera reaches out to Israelis from all walks of life, encouraging and educating towards a healthy and sustainable society. We are proud to have engaged in environmental activity a multiplicity of individuals and communities ? from children to senior citizens, from those with secular backgrounds to the ultra-orthodox, varying ethnic groups and
religions, people with special needs – both physical and emotional, as well as youth-at-risk.

Shomera is a dynamic, creative organization with a proven track record and a significant agenda.

Shomera?s multi-faceted approach to enhancing environmental-social sustainability includes advocacy, environmental education, community programming and sustainable resource management.? To achieve some of its goals, Shomera initiates and promotes multi-sector collaborations with academia, business and government.

Shomera has launched pioneering initiatives in the areas of natural resource conservation, combating climate change, experiential environmental educational programming, integrating Jewish precepts into environmental education and practice, organic gardening, horticulture therapy and more. Many of these initiatives have been emulated by other organizations and have been incorporated into environmental activity conducted nationwide.

Some achievements: The early years

  • Innovative advocacy, successfully preserving coveted sites and precious forest land.
  • Creating Israel?s first ?community forest?.
  • Establishing Israel?s first permaculture and organic gardening center for the public.
  • Pioneering environmental activity in religious and ultra-orthodox communities.
  • Award winning work in horticulture therapy with special needs individuals.

New directions:

  • Launching a multi-sector collaboration with academia, government and business, designed to create a precedent for the mainstreaming of regulated greywater recycling in the Israeli public sector.
  • Founding member and only NGO in Israel?s first consortium of energy and security services and technologies, formed with the objective of ?greening? buildings and contributing to Israel?s environment, economy and image.


For its initiatives and contribution, Shomera has been granted a variety of awards including the ?Life and Environment Green Globe Award’ in 2008 for excellence in environmental activity.