Today, more than 60% of the employees in Israel travel to work in private cars. This phenomenon is the result of government incentives given to those using private vehicles, and the lack of quality alternative transportation. Private car usage leads to planning that focuses on the needs of the drivers, reduces resources allocated to planning public and alternative means of transportation, harms quality of life in urban areas and endangers open spaces.

Transport Today and Tomorrow was founded in order to change transportation policy in Israel, and to encourage the development of alternative transportation systems such as public transportation, walking, bicycling and others. Our approach is to “work with” rather than against the system. Our work focuses on research, publishing professional articles, lobbying on the national and local level, and activities which encourage the use of public transportation as an alternative to private vehicles.

Transport Today and Tomorrow is the leading civil organization in the field of transportation and serves as a bridge between organizations working in this field and the Ministries of Transportation and Finance. Our success can be seen in the adoption by the Ministries of Transportation and Finance of some of our recommendations which now appear in their policy documents, and in the fact that the Ministry of Transportation views us as a strategic partner. Our mission is to see Israel implement sustainable transportation ? transportation that benefits Israel?s economy, environment and society.

Amongst our projects:

? Green commuting- A project aimed at changing commuting patterns through change of regulation and through preparation of Employers Transport Plans.

? Sustainable Transport at the municipal level – A project that encourages local municipalities to promote public transport, walking and cycling instead of private car usage.

? Transport Vision for the State of Israel- This project will lead the implementation authorities in Israel to adopt a comprehensive vision that includes favoring multi-passenger systems rather then private cars usage. This vision will replace the current policy in which private car usage remains the main mean of transport.

Amongst our strategic partners are: Environmental organizations, Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, The Transportation Research Institute, Israel?s Institute of Technology (Technion), Israel?s Traffic & Transport Journal.