The?Women’s Crisis Shelter, located in northern Israel, was established in August 1995 as a shelter for women victims of domestic violence and?their children?.

The Shelter’s mission is to provide physical and emotional protection for its residents, addressing the various needs of the women and children under the care.

The goal is to?rehabilitate?these women, so that they will be able to choose a life for themselves and for their children that is free of violence, fear, and oppression.

During their stay at the Shelter, the residents are given the time, support, and guidance necessary in order to consider non-violent options to the various aspects of their lives.

During 2016, fifty nine women and sixty-seven children were treated at the Shelter. In addition, another two women with their children resided at the transitional dwelling operated by the Shelter. Both the Shelter and Transitional Dwelling – were full most of the days during the year.

The Women’s Crisis Shelter is the only shelter in Israel that has been defined as a multi-cultural organization. Treating both Arabs and Jews, in addition to treating new immigrants, the Shelter provides culturally sensitive services for the women and their children. The Shelter staff is comprised of Jews, Arabs, new immigrants and native Israelis.? In addition, our many volunteers are multi-ethnic and multi-lingual.