Terrorism, war, natural disasters, tragedy and bereavement are global phenomena and the Israeli people have more experience than most.? Over the years, the frontline has moved from a distant border right to our front door and the media brings worldwide disasters into our living rooms.? Individuals, families and entire communities are left exposed, vulnerable and fragile. Many are traumatized; they experience and disruption; their quality of life is affected as well as their ability to function.? This shared reality is not limited to direct victims but extends to first responders, care givers and policy makers.

Over the years,Israel has developed a wide variety of trauma related interventions at all levels.? Due to a lack in coordination, this plethora of responses had resulted in duplication of services, inefficient use of resources, and at times even gaps in appropriate responses.? The Israel Trauma Coalition created in 2002 addresses these very issues and ensures not only a comprehensive view of needs but the delivery of services in a timely fashion.? It brings together the Israeli experts in this field all of whom have many years of experience and broad knowledge.? The ITC is involved in direct care, training and supervision, and creating responses and preparedness at the municipal and national levels. ITC leverages diverse resources to optimize service; no organization can do this alone.