Retorno – the International Jewish Center for Prevention and Treatment of Addictions – provides a unique solution for Jewish addicts. Located in the beautiful countryside near Beit Shemesh in Israel, Retorno was founded in 1998 by its CEO Rabbi Eitan Eckstein in Mexico as a center for treatment and prevention for youth and adults.

Retorno is officially recognized and authorized by the Health and Welfare Authorities as an expert institution for treating addictions.?Retorno has treated hundreds of Jews of every background and community from around the world. Retorno’s success rate has become legendary. Eighty percent of our patients have successfully reintegrated into regular society and rebuilt their lives.

Retorno does not only treat the addiction, but also helps the patient identify the root causes of his problem and deal with them. Our methodology is based on the 12-step program and also uses a unique, community-based system of mutual support, ?helping our patients regain their self control and sense of responsibility. These qualities prepare them for a productive future and a new life.

In addition to the rehabilitation center, Retorno is widely acclaimed for its prevention programs, working with children, the army and university students. Retorno offers treatment and prevention programs in communities around the world, as well as a Coaching Academy for those looking to help others with addictions.