iaic_logo2_webOur logo is a snowman, something out of place in the Israeli climate, and that?s how many immigrant children feel in Israel. Not only is the weather different than it was in the Former Soviet Union or in Ethiopia, but the language, the customs, the schools, and the other children are all different as well. Feelings of alienation, rejection and lack of a clear identity have affected many immigrant children: 36% drop out of high school (four times the average of native Israelis), and most identify themselves as Russians, not as Israelis.

In 2001, educators and social service professionals from the Former Soviet Union and Israel answered the need for an organization to help immigrant children and youth achieve full educational and social integration. They founded the Israel Association of Immigrant Children (IAIC) to champion the rights of immigrant youth; to represent them before local and international authorities and to sponsor educational and extra-curricular program, in short to help them fulfill their dreams.

IAIC has become a leading social entrepreneur by sponsoring long-term, effective community ? and school-based programs that address immigrant children/youth?s most pressing problems: social integration, academic success and leadership skills. IAIC?s programs are implemented in elementary through high schools, after-school enrichment programs, and community frameworks for immigrant women and youth-at-risk. We work in cooperation with municipalities, social services and additional organizations.