maksam2The Gidon Association for Ethiopian Jews in the Hadera area is a grassroots Ethiopian NPO established by young Ethiopian activists who identified the need for programs run BY Ethiopians FOR Ethiopians, and is unique in that it is regarded by the community as its own initiative.

The Amuta is the result of the Ethiopian community expressing their own needs and working to obtain the solutions they desire.

The name they chose, ?MAKSAM?, is an Amharic word describing the work of the bee passing from flower to flower collecting nectar, and producing honey.

Over the ensuing 13 years, MAKSAM has grown from a homework help program run by volunteers, to a Network of 5 After- School Study and Enrichment Centers in neighborhoods of Hadera with a large population of Ethiopian Israelis, providing professional programming to the pupils and support and enrichment to their parents.

The Program doesn?t dictate solutions, but offers empowerment and responsibility giving the community the tools to develop into a proactive group, working cohesively to better their lives and the future of their children.? This is the only program that has successfully involved not only the children but their parents and extended family members, in creating the supportive framework that has brought about such significant improvement in the children?s academic and social performance.