Refusal to grant one?s wife a divorce, particularly when there is no just cause for refusing, is an act of violence and domination that causes the woman great suffering and robs her of her freedom. It was this unfortunate phenomenon that prompted the establishment of ICAR ? an international coalition of Jewish organizations working to draw attention to the problem of?agunot and?mesuravot get* and to promote solutions that are compatible with the?Halacha (Jewish law).

The coalition thrives on the active participation of organizations concerned with women?s rights, social justice, pluralism, and education. Despite their widely varied religious affiliations and world views, these organizations are united by their shared desire to find a solution to the painful issue of?agunot. Their firm view is that refusal to grant a woman a divorce is contradictory to Jewish values and highly detrimental to the woman, her children and extended family, and society in general.