More and more Jews in Israel are showing interest in their Jewish identity, in Jewish tradition and in Jewish culture. Reform and Progressive Judaism offers Israelis an opportunity to become acquainted with answers they are looking for in a manner that is accessible and friendly for Hebrew speakers; through a religious and social movement that works in the fields of community life, education, and social justice.

The Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism in Israel represents the liberal (Reform) stream of Judaism in Israel and is part of the world movement which was established approximately 200 years ago in Europe.

As a movement we recognize the need to be involved in cultivating and protecting the democratic and progressive character of the State of Israel. There are forces within Israeli society who are actively trying to undermine the democratic values that we take pride in, making ill-use of the name, Judaism. Therefore, while striving for the enrichment of Jewish life in the Israeli Society, the IMPJ is constantly involved and active in protecting and defending the democratic, liberal, law abiding nature of our Jewish state.