logoEN journeyNumerous Jewish communities around the world are disappearing. As the elders of these communities pass away their memories are vanishing. Synagogues, community buildings, and cemeteries are just a few examples of Jewish heritage sites that are fading and crumbling right in front of our eyes. Sadly, this heritage is not even a glimmer in the eyes of many young Jews.? These young people bear little identity, affiliation and sense of responsibility for their Jewish heritage.

Journey into the Jewish Heritage trains and sends delegations of young people from a vast range of academic backgrounds and religious affiliations to document Jewish communities and Jewish sites around the world. The journey, the encounter with the local Jewish community and the exposure to the ?Jewish narrative? has a significant influence on the Jewish identity of the participants.

Participants in Journey into the Jewish Heritage take with them the knowledge, tools and experience of their journey into their personal and professional lives. The research materials collected and documentation produced are an integral part of our Jewish knowledge; they allow us and future generations to connect with different aspects of the colorful mosaic that constitutes our Jewish heritage.