ein hanatziv

Midreshet Ein HaNatziv combines a dedication to the Halachah and its sources with advanced academic learning. With an aim to produce scholars and leaders, a wide array of Jewish Studies is learned in depth in the Beit Midrash offering each student the opportunity to acquire comprehensive familiarity with many varied approaches. Study in the Beit Midrash is combined with social action in the community and maintains a continuous dialogue with the world outside its walls. The Midrasha’s unique educational philosophy aims to provide students with the tools to draw their own conclusions enabling each student to develop into an individual who will go on to apply her knowledge, belief and leadership talents to enhance Judaism in the complex world of today.

The Midrasha teaching staff are in constant contact with the students, and serve as role models through leading their personal lives in accordance with the ethos of the Midrasha. Our vision is to cultivate young Jewish women who will be committed to their religious Jewish world, to making a contribution to society at large and to the State of Israel. This commitment will be based on profound knowledge of the world of Torah.