Today, despite the varied programming aimed at educating Jewish people of different ages about Jewish identity, there is still a lack of knowledge about Jewish culture among contemporary Jewry.? Many Jews have never been exposed first-hand to Jewish traditional texts, and the remarkable world they contain. At the same time, many Jews and non-Jews are unaware of the role Biblical and Talmudic thought and tradition play in the shaping of world culture.

Using no words, the Mystorin? Theater Group brings the beauty of Hebrew texts to Israeli and international audiences creating a unique theatrical poetry that can be understood by speakers of all languages. Our model combines theatrical performances, Jewish traditional learning of the texts that inspired the performances, creative workshops and facilitated discussions. The group encompassing some ten artists, both Israeli- born and former immigrants from the FSU, are an integral part of the creative process; actors study ancient texts and their personal interpretations of these texts are incorporated into the performance.

Through movement, singing and visual theater the performances of the Mystorin group in Israel and abroad reflect the narratives of Jewish texts and communicate with the audience both as a story and as a total visual experience with a strong?emotional impact, providing an innovative manner of exposing both Jews and non-Jews to the beauty of Jewish texts, and creating a contemporary Jewish culture.