In Israel today there is a trend towards extremism in the religious community and the isolation of the religious camp from the mainstream of society.??Many contemporary rabbis and educators tend to ignore difficult educational issues while Halachic authorities avoid important social questions relating to life in a modern world. In current religious Zionist education, and in the colleges for teacher training, the tendency to adopt Haredi educational models is spreading: the values of democracy are pushed aside, and human rights are trampled, all in the name of religious values.

Committed to Jewish law , Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah, a religious-Zionist movement, seeks to return Religious Zionism to its roots, works to create a thinking religious culture that is open and self-critical, and encourages a courageous halakhic discourse that deals with the challenges of contemporary times. Its orientation aims to promote the values of tolerance, equality, and justice in religious society and to have a real influence on the Jewish-democratic character of Israeli society.