MASORTI, meaning traditional, is the Hebrew name for the movement of Conservative Judaism in Israel. The Masorti Movement, founded in 1979, is the umbrella organization of Masorti kehillot (congregations), which foster the practice of traditional Judaism among Israeli men and women while embracing modernity. In promoting the combined values of Conservative Judaism, religious tolerance and Zionism, the Movement strives to nurture a healthy, pluralistic, spiritual and ethical foundation for Israeli society.

Approximately 50,000 Israelis are members and affiliates of our kehillot and national programs, which engage some 125,000 Israelis each year. More than sixty percent of the Masorti community are native-born Israelis or come from lands in which English is not their native tongue.

The Masorti Movement in Israel comprises some 50 kehillot and havurot, the Religious Affairs Bureau, a kibbutz, a moshav, the NOAM youth movement, IDF Garinim (Masorti groups in the army), the Marom students and young adults organization, programs for children with special needs, regional and local educational learning centers for adults as well as pre-school programs. We are currently developing programs in the fields of family education, and leadership and community development. This is in addition to our ongoing synagogue services, events and social activities.

Legal advocacy is one of the central roles of the Movement, which represents the religious rights of Masorti and Conservative Judaism before the Israeli establishment, including government ministries, the Supreme Court and municipalities.

The Movement is deeply involved in the absorption of new olim – immigrants – from Latin America, as well as from countries of the Former Soviet Union. Masorti’s inclusive and pluralistic approach is attractive to many olim, who might otherwise take little or no interest in Judaism. A number of Masorti kehillot operate special programs for olim, as well as programming for the integration of olim run by NOAM and Marom.