Can the State of Israel make hard political, military and social decisions while maintaining a commitment to Torah and tzelem elokim (the innate dignity of human beings created in the image of God), without paralyzing conflict and dissension? The issue is not a simple one. Some Orthodox Jews (and non Orthodox Jews) have come to the conclusion that Torah and democratic values are inherently incompatible. We believe that such a conclusion is unwarranted and threatens the continued viability of the State of Israel.

Yesodot, established in May 1996, shortly after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, demonstrates that a committed Orthodox Jewish life is compatible and also enhanced by a commitment to democratic values. What makes Yesodot unique is that it is the only democracy education program working within the Orthodox educational system. Yesodot staff, themselves members of the Orthodox community, have worked and continue to work, with leading rabbis, roshei yeshiva, and Orthodox academics in furthering this goal.

Yesodot has worked in more than 100 schools and its programs have reached more than 5,000 students , and x teachers in the religious education system.? Our work is empowering a future generation in Israel who are committed to maintaining an active commitment to Judaism and democratic values and who see themselves as active members of society and Israel?s leadership.