If we aspire to a State of Israel that is healthy, strong, and full of hope, there is a need to pursue justice for all of Israel residents and workers.? If we believe that each and every one of us is responsible for the health of the society we live in, and to provide assistance to those in need, than we cannot ignore the pain and distress of those around us.

ATZUM, founded in 2002, creates and manages programs which address the urgent needs of those who lack the public or private means to do so ? one person and one family at a time.? ATZUM encourages young people to become activists and agents for social change, believing that by working with young people it can encourage lifelong commitment to social change. ?By maintaining a fundamentally lean organization, ATZUM maximizes the assistance it provides to those in need.

The State of Israel as a Jewish State can be an example to the world in how it deals with its social ills.? Through its network of volunteers and support of its donors, ATZUM is addressing the some of the most urgent and pressing needs in Israeli society.