Click logoCLICK strives to improve the quality of life for the aged by providing vocational, educational, social and cultural services in an empathetic secure environment; thereby raising their individual and community image and enabling them to remain integral contributors to society.

Alongside responsibility of operating our core programs CLICK aspires to self sustainability, so as to support additional secondary innovative projects targeting children, the disabled and the weaker members in our society.

CLICK operates five Community Social Clubs, for the independent elderly, in separate distinct geographic locations of the city. These centers fill a tremendous cultural, educational and social gap in the lives of its participants. A Day Care Center for incapacitated elderly provides all of the services required for independent daily living.

CLICK operates an occupational therapy program for the housebound elderly, providing handicraft kits to their homes, to keep them active and give them meaningful occupation.

The SAVI project includes an inspirational handicraft learning center, as well as operating a handicraft workshop run by the aged and learning impaired who cut and pack handicraft raw material and kits to be sold to a national craft distributor. SAVI aims to become a sustainable in-house industry based on reinvestment of profits to cover expenses of the project and fund future community philanthropic causes.

CLICK has also launched a new community support service for the elderly in conjunction with Eshel, the Local Municipality and Moked Enosh-: ?The aim of the program is to enable elderly to remain in their own homes among friends and familiar surroundings as long as possible, even when they become frail, by delivering necessary services to their homes.