The Tower of David Museum strives to offer everyone the opportunity to better understand the history of Jerusalem and its significance. The Museum is committed to reaching out to impact on groups who may not otherwise be able to visit by making access available to all and by creating programs which answer the needs of underserved communities.

The Museum creates special programs for groups which include schoolchildren with special needs, children and youth at risk, and a unique program for young soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces. Special courses for young people teach them to be junior guides in the Museum. The Museum also hosts new immigrant groups and populations from the geographic and cultural periphery who are not usually exposed to either the Museum or the legacy of Jerusalem.

One of the goals of the Museum is to be receptive to the interests of diverse communities and so we create group-specific programs for varied populations.For example, special programs which respect cultural differences are offered to Ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups and programs are offered to Arab visitors..

Working together with local authorities, organizations and business groups, the Tower of David Museum hopes to continue to serve and involve the community.