Young women artists from religious communities find it difficult to utilize their talents in their chosen field and to integrate into the art profession. Despite graduating from professional art schools in Jerusalem, few integrate into the art world. ?Rare are the religious women artists who have been able to receive recognition for their work, not due to any lack of artistic ability or talent.

By tradition, religious women marry young, limiting their options for finding dedicated creative time, space or the financial means to become independent professional artists. ?Rather than getting much needed support, often the message their religious communities give is discouragement.? Being isolated from a community of like-minded creative individuals, the young religious women artists find overcoming all these forces and integrating into the art profession to be an unreachable goal.

Studio of Her Own?s agenda is to promote young women artists. It serves as an incubator for the development of their artistic creations and as a platform for the young women to promote their art and achieve financial independence as artists. During the initial stage, Studio of Her Own will focus on religious women. Later we hope to expand to the wider community of women artists and include secular artists, immigrant artists, etc.

Completion of this program will provide the women with skills to manage their own businesses, the professional training to develop their art, give them a network of artistic mentors and a community of young creators as they take steps towards launching their own individual professional careers.