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The Center for Women?s Justice (CWJ) is dedicated to the advancement of women?s justice, particularly in the area of marriage and divorce. Israeli civil law defers all matter relating to the personal status of its citizens to their respective religious courts. Often the decisions of the religious courts infringe on the personal dignity of the women and men that appear before them. Cases are frequently decided in accordance with the most narrow interpretations of long-standing traditions rather than with the more modern notions of marital partnership.

At CWJ, we believe that the interests of justice should not be compromised. We envision an Israeli society in which both democratic and religious values findfullexpression.Toachievethisvision, we seek to bring about a strategic and structural change in the way that both our civil and religious courts relate to the demands of justice; as well as working toward educating Israeli citizens regarding the need for justice in personal status issues.