One out of every seven Jewish women in Israel is at risk of becoming inextricably stuck in an unwanted marriage. Israeli law, which gives absolute authority over marriage and divorce to the religious courts and empowers men as the sole executors of the divorce process, systematically leaves women vulnerable to extortion, manipulation and abuse as they try to exit marriage. Thousands of women,?mesoravot get, are living through this nightmare, neither married nor divorced, stuck for years or even decades in a state of limbo, prevented from leaving their unwanted marriages and unable to build new lives for themselves.

Mavoi Satum, a not-for-profit organization established in 1996, takes a unique approach to helping?mesoravot get by working simultaneously on the micro and the macro ? that is, by helping individual women while advocating for broader reform. In the personal realm, Mavoi Satum offers a range of legal and social support services, including legal counseling, legal aid, social support, empowerment programs, therapy, and more. On the systemic level, Mavoi Satum advocates for reform of the marriage and divorce system in Israel through strategic advocacy, networking, campaigns for public awareness, and most recently, a groundbreaking initiative to create a viable alternative to the Beit Din. Mavoi Satum strives to alleviate the suffering of?mesoravot getby helping them achieve freedom, and hopes to build a society in which this terrible problem ceases to exist.