Over 200,000 women in Israel are targets of violence. While different programs respond to the women’s immediate crisis, there are no programs in Israel that prepare them for the challenges of creating an independent life. Many of the women, as they attempt to change their situation, find that they are on their own, unable to secure stable income, let alone develop satisfying career paths. Many women thus believe that their only choice is one between unstable minimum wages, dependence on welfare or returning to the home they left behind.

Women’s Spirit, an Israeli Amuta, offers women victims of violence – physical, sexual, mental and economic violence – the tools and support with which to become financially independent. Developed by our professional staff, the program is structured to provide each woman with her own individual program, suited to her unique circumstances and needs.?We believe that in order for women to take control of their own lives, they must be able to financially support themselves and their children.? We involve the local community and businesses in the program through volunteering and by raising awareness to the needs of these women and we create social networks by women for women, which emphasize solidarity, sharing of knowledge and both financial and personal growth.