Educational excellence has always been an important value in the orthodox/Charedi community. But for learning challenged and special needs children, this emphasis on academic achievement can lead to alienation, anger, and ? in too many cases ? a tragic decision to separate from the community and leave an observant lifestyle altogether. Indeed, it is well known that 70% of youth dropouts suffer from learning disabilities.

To put an end to this dynamic,?early identification and treatment of learning and developmental disabilities is vital. Although awareness of this issue is on the rise, there are still thousands of Charedi children languishing in the classroom, because they are not receiving the corrective education services they need.? There are two reasons for this:

  • A lack of teachers?in the Charedi sector who are professionally trained to identify learning disabilities.
  • A lack of professional frameworks?capable of helping the number of children who require educational and developmental intervention.

Achiya believes that every child can acquire the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in life.

Through educational and developmental intervention programs for children, support for parents, and professional training for teachers, Achiya is transforming attitudes about corrective education in the Charedi sector.

Achiya?s unique programs have made it Israel?s leading organization for educational and developmental intervention geared towards the orthodox community.

By helping learning and developmentally challenged Charedi children to achieve their full potential, Achiya is enabling them to take their place as contributing members of society.