Alin Beit Noam is a nonprofit organization that?advocates?social justice and human dignity, with a particular emphasis on disability. We believe that every person, including persons with disabilities, has the?right to be different?and that every person who is different has the?right to be equal.

Alin Beit Noam, Kiryat Ono?provides an array of services to adults with severe and complex intellectual and physical disabilities. The Elga Cegla Day Center in Kiryat Ono. was established in 1986 at the initiative of parents who discovered that at the age of 21, their adult children were no longer eligible for public special education programs.? These parents sought to fill this gap and created a center that provides a much needed service to adults. ?Today, this center serves over 70 members with complex and severe intellectual and physical disabilities.
Our committed team of experts and professionals has turned Alin Beit Noam?s Day Center into an?example and role model for diverse professionals from Israel and abroad.


Since 1997, Alin Beit Noam Kiryat Ono has been operating community housing for many of the members of our?Elga Cegla Day Center. The establishment of community housing for a population of adults with severe and complex intellectual and physical disabilities is a breakthrough in Israel. The apartments were opened in response to the growing needs of these individuals and their families. The purpose is to allow members to live in the community and advance their independence and quality of life.

Our vision is to develop and operate support and treatment programs for people with disabilities, programs that will serve as inspiration, for all of those working in related fields. All of our projects?stem from our fundamental value and?respect for diversity and human difference.