Bizchut, The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities is one of the leading disability rights organizations in Israel. Our vision is of a society where disability does not present any barrier to full participation in the life of the mainstream community. The name Bizchut (literally ?by right?) reflects our belief that all people are entitled to the same basic rights and dignity, and that the needs of people with disabilities must be met on the basis of entitlement rather than through charity or pity.

Bizchut?s mission is to achieve equal rights and opportunities for people within the entire spectrum of disabilities (physical, intellectual, sensory and mental illness) regardless of age, gender, ethnic or religious background. Through legal activism, community outreach and educational programs we deal with the most central and basic issues in the life of the community ? education, employment, housing, health, public transportation and access. Challenging discrimination on account of disability on an individual and societal level, Bizchut works to achieve the broad social changes that will enable full inclusion for people with disabilities.

Bizchut provides information and advocacy services to people with disabilities and family members and works in conjunction with professionals, members of Knesset, national and local public officials. Focusing on legal advocacy we have developed a depth of legal expertise unmatched by any other disability organization in Israel, and much of our extensive cooperation with other agencies involved the provision of legal advice.

Thanks to Bizchut:
? The Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law was enacted by the Knesset, enshrining the basic rights of people with disabilities and serving as the basis for continued legislation and major court precedents.
? The Inclusion Law (2002) enables thousands of children with special needs to receive accommodations and support services that enable them to study in regular schools
? Crucial rights were included in the UN Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities