SHEMA for the education and rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing children and youth strives to “break the barrier of silence”; to meet the unique needs of these children through educational programs, rehabilitation projects and welfare care.

By providing educational initiatives, rehabilitation services, and welfare programs, Shema facilitates the integration of deaf and hearing-impaired children (ages

6-18) into the hearing society.



Services provided by SHEMA:
Identification of deaf and hard of hearing children, Communication rehabilitation (auditory training, speech and language development), A lending bank of individual hearing aids and F.M. Systems, Didactic diagnosis and guidance, Psychological diagnoses and treatment, Supplementary lessons, Enrichment courses, Social Rehabilitation – social groups for enrichment and leisure time activities (including summer vacation), Social Services, Development of specific teaching aids, Compilation of theoretical and practical information, Legislative initiatives, Grants encouraging students to go on to higher education, absorption of deaf and hard of hearing immigrant students, Raising public awareness of the unique problems and needs of deaf and hard of hearing children and youth, Research unit and much more…