There are currently 2.5 million children living in Israel, 800,000 of which come from poverty stricken households. Out of those, over 100,000 possess the potential for academic and individual excellence. These are the target populations of College for All. College for All began with the realization that motivated and talented children?from economically distressed neighborhoods, who do not receive appropriate support and encouragement, often fail to complete their education. Enrolled from the 3rd grade,?the children remain in the program?until they graduate from?high school.?During these 10 years, the children are tutored in subjects such as mathematics, English and language skills, while receiving pedagogical support and taking part in many outdoor and indoor extra-curricular activities that broaden their horizons, develop their academic capabilities and deepen their sense of social responsibility. Most importantly, the children are taught to value their education as the only way to break the cycle of poverty and strive to be the best that they can be.

College for All operations are widespread: 22 centers throughout Israel that serve over 1,500 children, regardless of religion and ethnicity. CFA centers are located in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Ness Tziona, Hertzliya, Netanya, Beer Sheva, Arad, Sderot, Jerusalem, Katzrin, Acre, Karmiel, Hazor Hagelilit and Givat Olga. Over the years, College for All has not only achieved its educational goals, but have also benefited entire communities. Hence the results: CFA?s first class of graduates achieved a GPA of over 90.0 on their matriculation exams; CFA participants are at the top of their class nationwide; Participants? grades improve considerably over the course of the program; CFA graduates serve in significant positions in the IDF and are enrolled in esteemed academic institutions.