Dropping out of school is a universal phenomenon on the rise, happening in every layer of society. At risk teenagers are a group characterized by activities and behaviors such as drug use, drug dealing, vagrancy and even prostitution.

Established in 2004, MENIFA is a nonprofit organization instigating programs for the prevention of high school drop outs, as well as for at risk youth that have already dropped out. MENIFA works to reduce educational gaps and return these youth to a purposeful and meaningful life. MENIFA works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other authorities (see section of website on partners).

Our operating model is inclusive and comprehensive with goal of returning the youth to normative social structures. Our programs stress personal empowerment and identity development of the teens. We believe in instilling in them tools such as: motivation, taking responsibility and trust, which will lead them to reintegrate into normative society.
MENIFA provides emotional and educational support, in the community, with continuous escorting of many professionals, these include: supervisors, teaching team, educational coordinator, psychologists, counselor and more. Out teaching team consists of teaching interns taking part in a comprehensive training program with the aim of improving the future teaching force in Israel.

So far approximately 1500 teenagers all over the country have returned to regular attendance and functioning through our different programs.