Located in central Israel, not far from the? Ben Gurion International ?Airport, the Ben Shemen Youth Village is home to over 400 children.? Founded in 1927, Ben Shemen is renowned for its long tradition of student-centered education.? The campus houses three schools ? the Hevel Modi?in Regional Elementary School and the Ben Shemen Junior High and High Schools.? These schools are attended by residents of the village as well as by children living in nearby communities.

The four hundred children living in the village include 45 normative children ages 6-12 who have been removed from their parent?s care for various reasons by the Ministry of Social Welfare, and placed in the Ben Shemen?s Children Home.? For many, Ben Shemen becomes their home year round.? The population of the? boarding school, 350? 12-18 year olds not only includes native Israelis but also immigrants from the FSU and Ethiopia, youth from France who choose to attend high school in Israel, and a group of refugees from Eritrea and Sudan who were integrated into the village within the last year.

Ben Shemen as a home to its children and youth residents provides for all of their needs ? a bed, meals, individual support, social and educational enrichment and more.? However, the village is more than just an educational institution.? In the words of the President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, ?For me, Ben Shemen is where I went from childhood to youth and adulthood: the years I spent there determined the course of my entire life.?