In recent years, as a result of changes in Israeli society, more and more children of junior high school age lack a supportive framework, be it family, social or educational. Modernization, economic deprivation, and changes in family structure ? have led to a loss of motivation and to a real difficulty in keeping youth in the educational system. Youth who lack a framework, are at higher risk for dropping out of school, are in danger of adopting anti-social behaviors such as violence and crime, and are often influenced by negative elements. Even youth who are not at risk of dropping out, are often in need of support due to difficult family, social or educational situations.

Ziv Neurim (named after fallen naval commander Ziv Levy) was established in order to offer youth opportunities to experience success rather than failure, sometimes for the first time in their lives; these experiences can then be translated to successes in other parts of their lives, including school. Using challenging boating activities, alongside personal attention and guidance, participants develop personal and social skills sand becomes part of a supportive social/educational framework. This serves as a basis for learning and adopting basic values.

Today, Ziv Neurim operates 28 groups all over the country for a of population groups with activities tailored to the needs of each group. Through the above activities, participants move towards independence in their daily lives and in dealing with the school system.