• The Jerusalem Dream project has been a rewarding experience at the Tower of David. It has successfully focused on the significance of Jerusalem to the Ethiopian community and has helped to preserve that heritage. Graduates of the first guiding course for young Ethiopian Israelis have taken more than 20 groups of new and veteran Ethiopian immigrants from all over Israel through the exhibit halls of the Museum. These very special tours emphasize the connection between Ethiopian traditions and the city of Jerusalem. The response of the Ethiopian community has been both enthusiastic and moving as elders of the community come together with the young generation torenew their ties to the city. This year, the program has again received funding through the Jerusalem Foundation and will continue by offering a second guiding course beginning this month. A film that documents the unique human aspects of the program can be viewed here.


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    1. Erni Renee
      Posted on August 18th

      I just finished watching a video by National Geographic Video on Jerusalem and detailed information about Beta Israel (Ethiopian Israelites) was conspicuously absent, except for a few comments. The narrator admits that they are one of the oldest Christian communities; however it said nothing about the fact that they are one of the oldest Israelite communities as well. I don?t suppose one will ever know in this lifetime why the world is so determined to separate the black-skinned race from the rest of the world?s people and world history. Nevertheless, I came online looking for information about Beta Israel in Jerusalem? Are they free to write their own stories and continue in their Israelite traditions? Where are they? The video talked about four quarters?The Christian, the Armenian, The Muslim, and the Jewish quarter. How are they living in the New Jewish State? Have they lost their identity as the House of Israel?

    2. Pamela Deutsch
      Posted on August 19th

      Please follow the following link for information regarding the absorption of Ethiopian immigrants in Israel


    3. Andrea Katz
      Posted on November 24th

      I am working with a large group of women (maybe 200)to Israel in mid-February and want to utilize the Jerusalem Dream project at Migdal David. Canyou tell me who would be the person to speak with.

    4. Pamela Deutsch
      Posted on November 24th

      Try contacting Rose Ginosar rose@tower.org.il

    5. moriah
      Posted on November 26th

      I am a speech therapist from Holland living in jerusalem. I would like to work with the Ehtiopian community. I do speak Hebrew. Where do I start checking possibilities? Thank you!

    6. Pamela Deutsch
      Posted on November 27th

      I really don’t know of any organization that is offering speech therapy particularly for this population. sorry!

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