What is Israel Nonprofit News?

Israel Nonprofit News is a private initiative by Pamela Deutsch aimed at increasing awareness within the English speaking public to the wonderful work being done by Israeli non-profits.


Are you tired of reading bad news? I certainly am. There is lots of good news out there, we just need to share the information. And on another note, Israeli nonprofits need all the help they can get in these difficult times so I can at least do my part.

So is this a totally altruisitic venture?

Not at all. All of the organizations you read about on these pages are organizations with which I have some kind of consulting relationship; either they are private clients, or they have received my services thanks to the generosity of the Pradler Program or Shatil. Furthermore, they are all organizations that I personally believe are both doing a good job and are reliable!

What does an organization need to do in order to be written about?

Organizations who would like to appear on this website, but do not have a consulting relationship with me are invited to contact me.
Please see the page on Nonprofit Services.

For those organizations who have a consulting relationship with me.

1. Organizations written about on this website, must have a website of their own. The website must have the following information in English and must clearly state:

  • How to contact to the organization
  • How to contribute funds/volunteer for the organization
  • Preferably have a link for making immediate secured donations

If you have been putting off getting your website online, I hope this will encourage you to do so!

2. As each organization written about on my blog is automatically entered into the directory, each organization must have a case statement. ?If you need assistance writing a case statement for your organization, this is one of the services I offer. Examples of case statements can be found in the directory.

3. Certification of Proper Management (Ishur Nihul Takin)

We reserve the right to decide which organizations will or will not appear on the website.