• EnglishSponsored by the Association of Civil Rights (ACRI) in Israel, the Human Rights March will begin at 11am on Friday at Rabin Square and finish in the courtyard of the Tel Aviv Museum.? Thousands of participants are expected and more than 100 civil organizations including those dealing with human rights, worker rights, Ethiopian immigrants, women, refugees, the Arab minority, social justice, special needs, environmental issues and more are sending representatives.

    At the end of the march, Sami Michael, the President of ACRI, will present an award to Ruth and Paul Keidar, among the founders of the human rights organization ?Yesh Din?, and a posthumous award to Nir Katz, the counselor who was killed at the ?Youth Bar?.? The award will be accepted by Nir?s family.

    The march has developed an extensive internet following ? thousands have joined the cause on Facebook, and the march?s blog www.noway.org.il has had broad exposure.

    The ceremony itself will have simultaneous signing.

    Hagai Elad, Director of Acri: ?Over the last year, we are witness to two conflicting trends: on the one hand the dangerous deterioration to human rights being carried out by the government and its officials, and on the other the personal activism and voluntary civil organizing being carried out to protect the civil rights of us all; people are coming out to defend our democracy and human rights. These are our rights and our future. There is no way we can allow ourselves to fail. On December 11th we begin to change direction. We will not wait for the next elections. We will not continue to grumble in the privacy of our homes. We will no longer rely on “someone” to do “something”. We remind all those who perhaps have forgotten: We are here. And there is no way we will surrender our rights.?


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